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This book talks about the history and landscapes of the breweries in French Flanders. You will learn about the success and decline of the breweries through the various wars and economic crises. Written by Marie-Hélène Chaplain, with the invaluable help of Hubert Bogaert, an enthusiastic beer lover. This book is published by Editions du Chêne, recounting numerous anecdotes about the everyday lives of the brewers and making use of archive documents.

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While there are hundreds of books about breweries in Alsace, there has been no book to date of tell the story of Flemish breweries. This book speaks about:

– The origins of beer

– Beer production

– The Golden Age of Flemish breweries

– Flemish breweries today

– The Flemish way

– Recipes

Style: There were over 220 breweries in coastal and inland Flanders in 1900, whereas there is only one today: the 3 Monts Brewery! "This book sets down brewers' stories and anecdotes in writing, so our heritage will not be forgotten. Through this book, I wanted to be able to leave a trace for future generations, of what my grandfather Pierre Ricour (who founded the 3 MONTS), and his brewer friends had spent their lives building up." Pierre Marchica, President of the 3 Monts Brewery, and the man at the origin of this project.


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