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The emotion of true flavor


Brewed in French Flanders for 3 generations, born of the wealth of the land and the know-how of its people – discover our 3 MONTS line of gourmet beers of distinction, beers with strong character and a rich taste, made from local hops and an exclusive, specific yeast.


Brewed according to local and ancestral traditions, the 3 MONTS Héritage range brings out the traditional and characteristic flavours that have made the reputation of Saint-Sylvestre Cappel beers. The bottles is screen-printed and embossed to celebrate these traditions and closes using the flip-top.

Season Brews

Our ‘Season Brews’ collection of recipes is available as a limited edition. We wanted to shine the light on the brewing traditions of our very own French Flanders region, as these unique and original beers are part of our history: they are brewed in small quantities, according to the season. They should be drunk in their Tulip glass, also for sale on our website.

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