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Our secret recipe

Beer making is all about finding the perfect balance amongst the four essential elements of beer: water, malted barley, yeast and hops. Making a gourmet beer like this usually takes a little less than one month’s time.

What goes
in our beers

3 MONTS, 4 ingredients

And nothing else! What gives 3 MONTS beer its flavor is the simplicity of its recipe and the quality of its ingredients. We’re a local brewery, and have long enjoyed renown for the subtle combination of water, barley, a bit of yeast and hops that comes together in our beers.


Clean water

That most important of elements, the water, is 90% of what makes our beer. We make sure that the water we use is of consistently impeccable quality so we can provide you with delicious beers.

Local malts

Cultivated for millennia, this starch-rich processed cereal facilitates malting … A reputable antioxidant, it has a good nutritional and restorative power. We use in our beers mainly barley malt and wheat processed in malting plants in the North of France

A unique yeast

Yeast is a micro-organic mushroom that naturally transforms sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, and participates in aromas released after fermentation. The yeast used for 3 MONTS beer is the fruit of the subtle blend of several yeasts, a recipe held secret for 3 generations!

A specific hops

Hops is a climbing plant of the family Cannabinaceae that grows from April until early July. It is then covered with flowers that give way to the cones harvested in September. Only the female hop plants contain lupulin, the yellow powder that contains all its taste qualities. We use in our beers mainly hops grown in the North of France.


Step 01

Selecting the


  • SELECTION : the brewer selects the best varieties of barley and wheat at the malting house.

Barley, a starch-rich grain that has been cultivated for thousands of years, malts easily. Our brewers primarily prefer barley malt and wheat processed at malting houses in the North of France.

  • MALTING: Barley and wheat are transformed into malt. In order to make the barley fermentable, it is allowed to begin germinating slightly so as to activate the enzymes.


Step 02


the beer

  • CRUSHING: the grains are crushed and the malt is ground until a mixture of flour and crushed husks is obtained.
  • MASH: the milled grist is mixed with water, stirred and heated in a mash tun.
  • BREWING: once mashing is complete, the brewer separates the grains from the liquid, keeping only the liquid part called wort, a sweet and colorful juice.
  • BOILING: the wort is then vigorously boiled (so as to pasteurize it). Hops are added to the wort to provide the beer with its bitterness and aroma.
  • CLARIFICATION: the clear juice is then cooled.
  • FERMENTATION: The wort is inoculated with yeast (brewer’s yeast). The yeast then transforms the sugars into alcohol and gas.

3 MONTS is brewed using a flocculent type of yeast. It does not allow fermentation to take place correctly because it does not digest all the sugars. A unique process has been developed to allow these yeasts to do their job properly.

  • CONDITIONING: The beer is left to cool slowly in a conditioning tank for a few weeks at a temperature of 0°C, which gives the yeast time to further refine the beer.
  • FILTRATION: the beer is then filtered so as to extract the final residue (yeasts). This step gives 3 MONTS beer its lustrous appearance and its renowned color.


Step 03


  • CLEANING: The bottles are cleaned and then cold-filled (4°C) to limit the generation of foam during the filling stage.
  • BOTTLING – KEGGING: these processes take place on an automated chain. Filling is conducted under pressure, so as to prevent the beer from going flat.

To keep the cap from leaking while the bottles are being transported, bottles of 3 MONTS are fitted with a clasp once they have been capped; this step is carried out by a dedicated machine on the packaging line.

  • LABELING: labels, counter labels and collars are affixed to the bottles in this step.
  • PACKAGING: The different formats are then packaged for distribution.

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