A beer of character, with a unique and authentic taste

MONTS beer draws its character from the heart of the land of the Trois Monts, the highest points in French Flanders. Made almost entirely from local hops and brewed with equal passion and simplicity, our beers evoke the richness of the land and the legendary warmth of the Flemish people.

Our beers

Spring Edition beer

The first white beer from Brasserie 3 Monts.

All in finesse and lightness, a tribute to the awakening of nature and the return of the swallows.



Brassin de Printemps 2024 - Bière Blanche - white spring edition beer


The greatest heritage of a 100-year brewery is to be savoured over a glass of beer

Brewed according to local and ancestral traditions, the 3 MONTS Héritage range brings out the traditional and characteristic flavours that have made the reputation of Saint-Sylvestre Cappel beers. 

Taste 3 MONTS Heritage

3 MONTS beers

Let the beer of northern France draw you in!
For every moment, there’s a 3 MONTS beer! Discover the brand’s full range: Original, Saison, Tripel, and more.

illustration houblon 3 monts
village de flandre 3 monts

Guaranteed Flanders


Nestled in inner Flanders, at Saint Sylvestre-Cappel, the 3 MONTS brewery – the only one in Flanders that has kept brewing through the turn of the century – aspires to carry on the region’s brewing tradition. Our brewery takes pride in its terroir, and works almost entirely with local producers who treat their crops with the greatest respect: our beers are 100% French, made from local hops and malt.

Our secret recipe

3 MONTS at Home

New we are selling online to France and Europe (Rapid and secure Delivery).  Make your own bottle selection of 3 MONTS beer from our range: Originale, Saison, Bio, Triple, Cuivrée, Brassin d’hiver, Bière Nouvelle, boxed sets, glasses, polos, shirts, posters…  

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A Brand
from 3 MONTS

3 MONTS is the main brand of the 3 MONTS Brewery, which is located in Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel in the North of France.


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