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This originally designed boxed set includes a bottle of 3 MONTS Héritage Levure (75cl) together with a beer glass 3 MONTS 100 years limited edition. Ale unfiltered and bottle-fermented.

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3 MONTS Héritage Levure :  The flavours of a unique yeast formula are obtained from top fermentation, with a second fermentation in the bottle. Fermentation is a key stage, in which yeast converts the wort into beer through a natural process. In tribute to these ancestral methods, this ale is unfiltered and bottle-fermented. The hazy appearance is characteristic, giving it a slightly creamy texture with a dense head. This beer recipe brings the aromas of the unique and unmistakable 3 MONTS yeast to the fore, with a slightly malty taste and a delicate effervescence. 

Style: French Farmhouse Unfiltered Golden Ale

Contents: 1 x 75 cl bottle + 1 Beer glass 3 MONTS 100 years limited edition

Degrees: 8% alc/vol.

Taste: Exotic fruits and grapefruit zest. Delicate bitterness with slightly toasted notes in the finish



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