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Discovery boxed set OF 3 MONTS beers 4x33cl


This originally designed boxed set includes 4x33cl bottles and 3 different beers (Originale, Saison and Triple), as well as a Tulip drinking glass (33cl).

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The Discovery boxed set of 3 MONTS beers provides a good overview of the products by the 3 MONTS Brewery. Share the generous spirit of Flanders with your friends by offering them a gift of exceptional beers! This selection will satisfy both craft beer connoisseurs and novices alike. To appreciate the flavours fully, we recommend you follow the tasting order below:

1- Saison 2 Houblons

2- Originale

3- Triple Grande Réserve

Style: French Farmhouse Golden Ales


  • 2 x 33cl bottles of 3 MONTS Originale
  • 1 x 33cl bottle of 3 MONTS Triple Grande Réserve
  • 1 x 33cl bottle of 3 MONTS Saison 2 Houblons
  • 1 drinking glass 3 MONTS 33cl

Degrees: From 6,5% to 9,5% alc./vol

Note: According to our carrier's packaging constraints, the cardboard packaging may have been bent; it will be possible for you to reshape the boxed set.


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